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Our services for individuals

Our proximity ensures total commitment at your side.

We never forget that beyond figures and contract terms, there is a person, with their path of life and their questions. Only a quality relationship allows an open and trusting dialogue for a fair assessment of your environment and your expectations.
This duty of commitment is totally shared by our team, the cohesion, training and professionalism of which are the guarantees of constant attention and responsiveness toward you, whilst showing absolute respect for your interests.
As an intermediary, our mission is to assist you based on your needs; be it insurance, a pension or the choice of a mortgage.

Our expertise

  • Working out your budget
  • Audit of your existing insurance portfolio
  • Custom inventory
  • Comparative studies when underwriting insurance contracts
  • Guidance, advice and implementation of benefits according to the needs
  • Risk and pension analysis

Management mandates

  • Insurance portfolio management
  • Advice on existing files or on files to be subscribed
  • Processing of claims
  • 3a/3b pension plan
    – Research and selection of the best insurance and/or banking products
    – Diversification of assets
  • Mortgages
    – Advice for researching the best solution for the financing of real estate (budget calculation, research for financial partners, tax advice, family protection)

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