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Financial planning / Retirement

Ensure optimal coverage of your financial needs

Planning allows to guarantee optimal coverage for your financial needs, to ensure your well-being and that of your loved ones in all circumstances of life, both in the short, medium and long term.
We help you to optimise your resources, taking into account your objectives and your projects. Financial planning is a comprehensive approach to the financial issues facing you.
Beyond the preservation and growth of financial wealth, it encompasses the areas of financing, planning your cash flow, advice on investment, taxation, pension and estate planning.

Audit of your financial situation

First and foremost, it is convenient to assess your current financial situation. Depending on your desires and ambitions, our skills in various financial areas allow us to point out any gaps and to propose solutions.

Organisation of retirement / early retirement

Capital and/or annuity
Do you wish to fully enjoy the years to come without having to reach retirement age or wait for when your grandchildren are old enough to work? We will assess the opportunities that are available to you.

Optimisation of your pension

Whether you are becoming a home owner or independent, there are varied and inventive mechanisms to optimise pension solutions and allow you to achieve your most varied goals.

Reduction of your tax burden

A reduction in your tax burden, only entirely legitimately of course, is a very common desire; although taxes are necessary in society, being able to optimise them is an interesting possibility.

Developing a personalised financial plan

Managing a budget can prove to be an insurmountable difficulty for some: a personalised financial plan is a crucial aid nowadays.

Estate planning

During and after a life of work, the fruits of this labour could be harvested by your family or your loved ones.

Since 2010, Vision Globale made the choice of investing in high-performance software, used by all the major financial players, in order to enhance our skills to their very best.

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