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The selection of your insurance portfolio is not the result of chance.

We look for the best cost/benefit offer from among all the main providers in the market, and then, throughout the year, we guarantee it.

Our knowledge of the insurance market allows us to introduce services best suited to your needs.

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Founded in 2004 by Patrick Dassio, building on expertise acquired in the insurance field since 1987, visionglobale is a company which offers advice and management services in the insurance and pensions sectors, targeting businesses, self-employed and private individuals.
Located in Geneva, visionglobale is able to identify the best solutions for your needs based on its extremely wide-ranging knowledge of the insurance market and highly experienced staff.

Our services

For private clients

Our mission is to assist you and meet your needs; whether in relation to insurance, a pension, or mortgage.

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For corporate clients

We help you to optimise your resources, taking into account your objectives and your projects.

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Your concerns


Individual 3A/3B pension plan, an essential complement!

Indeed, due to the increase in life expectancy, demographic ageing and the persistently low interest rates, the Swiss pension system is facing some serious challenges. Therefore, personal pension plans are becoming an essential complement.

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Cyber-attacks: a risk underestimated by SMEs

While many small businesses and SMEs still think they are not a target for hackers, many statistics show today that they are more and more exposed to financial losses due to cyber-attacks.

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Our commitment

Completely customised solutions.

Ability to listen and available at all times.

A stable and loyal team guarantees a strong, lasting relationship.

Every situation is unique

Your satisfaction is based on a relationship of trust as well as on the quality of our services: our transparency, objectivity and total independence combine to establish lasting bonds.

Our partners

Our network offers tailor-made solutions to your requirements. Non-exhaustive list.

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