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About visionglobale

Independence and proximity

Visionglobale is a consulting, insurance and pension management company whose services are aimed at businesses as well as the self-employed and private individuals.

Located in Geneva and founded in 2004, Visionglobale is able to identify the best solutions for your needs based on its extremely wide-ranging knowledge of the insurance market and highly experienced staff.
Visionglobale offers a complete and thorough approach to pensions, financial planning and insurance portfolio management to businesses, the self-employed and private individuals. In an economic, legal and social environment that is ever-more complex, Visionglobale has chosen independence and proximity.
Our independence guarantees you the necessary objectivity to imagine, select and implement competitive and highly personalised solutions, able to fully meet your needs and your goals.

Transparency, independence, objectivity and proximity.
These are the key concepts that form the basis for the success of our collaboration.

Our services for private individuals
Our services for businesses

Our team

A high priority is always given to the thorough and personalised monitoring of your file, and that is why we have implemented efficient processes allowing us to treat your details with the utmost care.


Patrick Dassio

Founder & Director


+41 22 594 35 31

Olivier Gavillet

Manager of Corporate client files


+41 22 594 35 32

Vincent Maire

Manager of Corporate client files


+41 22 594 35 37

Nathalie Carret

Manager of Private client files


+41 22 594 35 33

Corinne Dassio

Administrative assistant


+41 22 594 35 34

Jessica Hadifi

Manager of private client files


+41 22 594 35 38
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